Center for Reflective Communities


The Center for Reflective Communities (CRC) provides early intervention and parent training to enhance relationships between children and caregivers, leading to greater school readiness, increased academic achievement, and more productive lives.

Using an evidence-based, culturally responsive attachment approach, CRC strengthens the parent-child relationship which leads to socially competent children who have greater emotional health and are more likely to succeed in school and throughout their lives. Implementation of Reflective Programs in low-income communities can ideally serve to end cycles of poverty and trauma.

•    Reflective Parenting for Two (RPP 2) – A hands-on, interactive, relationship-focused group model for parents and their infants, toddlers or preschoolers
•    Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) – Reflective parenting skills training, offering curriculum-based groups for parents from prenatal-adolescence
•   Reflective Care Program (RCP) – A customized, reflective approach for educators, caregivers and others supporting the well-being of children in educational, residential, child care and home settings
•    Educational workshops, In-services, and conference presentations

How long are the parenting groups?

RPP groups are 10 or 12 weeks
MPG are ongoing with a recommendation of 6 months minimum

Are trainings meant for only mental health professionals?

RPP and MPG are meant for mental health professionals.
Our Reflective Care Program (RCP) is a more tailored training that can reach others who work with children.

I am a mental health professional, how can I sign up for trainings?

Level 1 trainings in both Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) and Mindful Parenting Program (MPG) are held at CRC twice a year. To view the calendar, click HERE

Where can I take parent workshops?

CRC has trained numerous agencies to hold parenting workshops. Click HERE to view a list of agencies who hold ongoing parenting workshops.

CRC Leadership Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated mental health professionals who donate their time to our mission and vision to create reflective communities for every child to support them and help them flourish.

Who we are

Pictured (L to R):
Natalie Levine, LCSW
John Grienenberger, PhD
Annie Wilson, LCSW
Bronwyn Talbot, MFT
Wendy Ramirez
Regina Pally, MD
Wendy Denham, PhD
Michelle Abid
Diane Reynolds, MFT
For more detailed information, please visit our Leadership Team page