Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG) is an interactive group workshop designed to enhance parents’ capacity to “read”  babies’ and/or toddlers’ cues and communications.

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Reflective Care Program (RCP) offers tailored trainings to enhance relationships amongst providers and within systems targeting optimal child and family outcomes.

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Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) is an innovative workshop series that engages groups of  parents in an in-depth experiential learning process.

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    Upcoming Events

    RPP Level 1: Fundamentals Training (2/4/16 -2/5/16, 9am -4pm)

    The Mindful and Reflective Parent: Strengthening Parent-Child Relationships through Parent Work (Saturdays at the Center) (3/12/16, 9:30am – 12:30pm)

    MPG Level 1 Training: Core Components of Mindful Parenting (3/17/16-3/18/16, 9am-4pm)

    Introduction to Reflective Supervision/Reflective Practice (4/14/16, 9am-4pm)

    Reflective Parenting Program 2.0: Booster Training for Launching the Updated RPP Curriculum (3/12/16, 9am-4pm)

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