Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG) is an interactive group workshop designed to enhance parents’ capacity to “read”  babies’ and/or toddlers’ cues and communications.

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Reflective Care Program (RCP) offers tailored trainings to enhance relationships amongst providers and within systems targeting optimal child and family outcomes.

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Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) is an innovative workshop series that engages groups of  parents in an in-depth experiential learning process.

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  • CRC Trainings

    Transforming Parental States of Mind: Reflective Clinical Approaches (CANCELLED)
    Friday, November 16, 2018
    9am-4pm, 6 CE Credits
    Facilitated by: Kevin Gruenberg, PsyD & Melissa Jacobs, PhD
    Click here for more info. Click here to register.

    Making the Most of Reflective Supervision: An Introduction to Reflective Practice
    Monday, December 3, 2018
    8:30am-4:30pm, 7 CE Credits
    Facilitated by: Diane Reynolds, LMFT
    Click here for more info. Click here to register.

    For more info on all CRC training programs, email: info@reflectivecommunities.org

Interview with Regina Pally

Regina Pally, Co-Director of CRC was interviewed by Agnes Regeczkey of the New Center for Psycho-analysis. In the interview (click here to watch), Dr. Pally talks about Center for Reflective Communities and about her book, The Reflective Parent: How to do less and relate more with your kids.

The interview is about 1 hour. Here are some of the topics it covers: What it means to be reflective and why it is important; Why we misunderstand each other so often and what we can do about it; How to reduce stress as a parent; The tools for building and maintaining a strong relationship with your child, so that you can be both comforting and empathic, but also be able to firmly set limits.

Free Range Parenting

I was asked by a news magazine called ‘In My Area News Room’ to write something about Free Range Parenting and whether we need it or not. I was delighted to do it because they were interested in my ideas about Reflective Parenting, In brief what I say is that Free Range Parenting has a lot of positive elements and that its goal of promoting independence and resiliency are good ones. However, the Free Range approach is limited both in how it deals with parents and its unbalanced focus on independence. It is judgmental of parents and ignores the value of dependency. More

Turn the Heat Down this Holiday

Beloved relatives you rarely see.  Long hours of travel spent for short social stints. Harried cooking and last-minute prepping. Starched shirts and three-inch heels. Expectations for this day to be special, to result ipicture-perfectct memories, to taste delicious.

All of these factors put heat on parents – pressure to perform for others and make Hallmark moments for their families. What will Uncle Roger think of my family? What will Grandma Irene think of my parenting? More