Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG) is an interactive group workshop designed to enhance parents’ capacity to “read”  babies’ and/or toddlers’ cues and communications.

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Reflective Care Program (RCP) offers tailored trainings to enhance relationships amongst providers and within systems targeting optimal child and family outcomes.

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Reflective Parenting Program (RPP) is an innovative workshop series that engages groups of  parents in an in-depth experiential learning process.

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    Upcoming Events

    Reflective Parenting Program (RPP L1): Fundamentals Training

    Thursday & Friday, September 22 & 23, 2016, 9am – 4pm 12 CE credits
    This two-day intensive Level 1 Training is designed for infant mental health and early childhood specialists. Participants learn about a new approach to early intervention with parents based on a theoretical model of cognitive and emotional development emphasizing reflective functioning, or parental mentalization. The training provides participants with a base of knowledge, a new way to work with the central issues in parent-child relationships, and a step-by-step method that can be utilized to help parents think about their children in a more reflective way. Level 1 Training is a pre-requisite for Level 2 co-facilitation of a 12-week Reflective Parenting Workshop. Completion of Level 2 Training is required to conduct RPP parent groups.

    Facilitated by: John Grienenberger, PhD – Program Developer—RPP & RCP
    Fee: $465 early bird rate, registrations received by 8/22/16
    $515 regular registration after 8/22/16


    Making the Most of Reflective Supervision: An Introduction to Reflective Practice
    Thursday, October 27, 2016, 9am – 4pm 6 CE credits
    Reflective supervision, reflective consultation, and reflective practice are terms used for the emerging approach now considered best practice for agencies where stress, high turnover, and service quality are significant issues. This one-day immersive, experiential workshop is designed for both supervisors and supervisees working as infant mental health and early childhood specialists, early childhood educators, home visitors, and other providers of infant-early childhood services. Utilizing video, role play, and small group exercises, participants will develop a comprehensive framework for understanding reflective supervision. This training satisfies 6 hours towards the California State IFECMH (Infant Family Early Childhood Mental Health) Endorsement.

    Facilitated by: Diane Reynolds, MFT – Program Developer, MPG
    Fee: $125 early bird rate, registrations received by 9/27/16
    $140 regular registration after 9/27/16


    Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG) Level 1: Core Components of Mindful Parenting
    Thursday & Friday, November 10 & 11, 2016, 9am – 4pm 12 CE credits
    This two-day intensive workshop is designed for infant mental health and early childhood specialists. The core components of mindful and reflective care of young children are introduced: mindful observation, flexible responsiveness, and reflection. The MPG model offers an interactive, development-driven and relationship-focused approach to strengthening the caregiver-child relationship and preventing child maltreatment. These experiential groups bring together infants, toddlers or preschoolers, along with their parents, for the purpose of promoting childhood attachment security through increasing parental reflective functioning.

    Facilitated by: Diane Reynolds, MFT, Program Developer, MPG
    Fee: $415 early bird rate, registrations received by 10/10/16
    $460 regular registration after 10/10/16


    Reflective Parenting Program 2.0: Booster Training for Launching the Updated RPP Curriculum
    Thursday, December 1, 2016, 9am – 4pm 6 CE credits
    This full-day workshop is designed for clinicians who have successfully completed RPP Level 2 Facilitator or Level 3 Supervisor trainings, who wish to integrate use of the new RPP 2.0 curriculum into their practice or organization. Participants will learn about updates to the RPP preschool (3-5 year old) and school-aged (6-12 year old) curricula in English and Spanish that have been piloted over the past year, including integration of new topics within a 12-week curriculum: culture, attachment and the window of reflection, and reflecting on the emotional life of the parent. In the afternoon, training will focus on how to develop a group experience that specifically facilitates reflective process, utilizing case examples and vignettes. This training will take participants through the entire RPP 2.0 new curriculum and will include exercises designed to bring the material alive both for newly trained and more experienced RPP facilitators as well as RPP supervisors.

    Facilitated by: John Grienenberger, PhD, Program Developer, RPP & Wendy Denham, PhD, Sr Trainer, RPP
    Fee: $125 early bird rate, registrations received by 11/1/16
    $140 regular registration after 11/1/16

    For more info on all CRC training programs, email: info@reflectivecommunities.org