I know we are all rushed and busy and tired from all the things we have on our plates. So I do understand and empathize with parents. No parent should be judged. I also know that parenting and strong parent-child relationships require time and effort.

Parenting requires taking the stairs. There is no elevator in the ‘parenting apartment building’. There is not even an escalator. There is no short cut. There is no easy way.

This is why the first 3 basic skills of Reflective Parenting are:

  1. Slow down, push pause. Don’t even multitask. Don’t just do something. Stand there and reflect!
  2. Be in the present moment. Turn off the T.V. Put down the remote. Put down the newspaper. Don’t peak at your emails. Try not to even answer your phone.
  3. Observe what your child is doing, and label it with words, (even if you don’t say them.) You know the old adage: Look before you leap. Observe the behavior. Know what it is. Before you jump to respond to it.


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