“An amazing workshop that helped me trust and accept my children’s choices for themselves. Even if it’s not the way I imagined or would have preferred for them to go about it, it doesn’t mean it’s not wholesome and beneficial for them” (RPP workshop parent).


“I’ve learned hogood parenting 1w to communicate better with my child and have gained skills to see my child for where she is at in the moment” (RPP workshop parent).


“I have learned to take a step back during emotional exchanges with my daughter and to not be so reactive” (MPG workshop parent).


“In the past, I have felt like pushing my son away.  The workshop has taught me to be more thoughtful and slow down.  It has also talk me to think about what is happening in the moment   for me and my son.  I don’t have to push him away anymore” (RPP workshop parent).


“It’s wonderful to be with a group of parents and to discover we all share the same issues with our kids” (RPP workshop parent).

Mother Comforting her Daughter


“It was really helpful to learn to slow things down and make sure to see things from my kid’s point of view” (MPG workshop parent).


“The group helped me be less judgmental and more compassionate towards my 12-year old kid'” (RPP workshop parent).


” I grew up in a controlling environment. When I became a parent, I had to learn how to listen and not be so judgmental. I had learn to not always jump to something negative and learn how to have more of an open mind.  The Reflective Parenting Program really helped me with this” (RPP workshop parent).


“I have noticed changes in my staff after the Reflective Care Practice training. They used to be in more power struggles with the teens.  They have even started to coach other staff about the ideas of reflective thinking” (Residential treatment program director, RCP).