Reflective Care

February 20th, 2015 | reflectivecommunities

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Reflective Care Program (RCP) offers tailored trainings to enhance relationships amongst providers and within systems targeting optimal child and family outcomes.

Created to meet the evolving needs of diverse organizations, RCP implements reflective principles and practices in the service of improving staff retention, effectiveness, quality of services, and flow of organizational dynamics. Large-scale home visiting programs, hospital community resource centers, residential treatment facilities, multi-partner mental health systems, early childhood education centers as well as schools have all benefited from our tailored RCP training approach. By increasing the reflective capacities of direct care providers, supervisors, and administrators, we aim to better equip entire systems with the resilience, responsiveness, and flexibility they need to most effectively serve children and families.


Reflective Care Program employs the core components of our successful RPP and MPG trainings, most notably curiosity, reflection, and data collection, in order to meet the specific functional goals and requirements of an organization.  RCP trainers work to engage the reflective mind of an organization to discover and elaborate on their goals and challenges. Through didactic and experiential training, RCP addresses the multiple layers of working organization from systemic functioning to the experience of direct care providers, and everything in between (e.g. supervisors, administrators, etc.). In this way, RCP provides a rich opportunity for the most relevant change.

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