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3-ELLSWORTH-blogReflective educators recognize that they play a fundamental role in shaping a child’s social-emotional and cognitive capacity. Reflective educators utilize the multiple hours spent with a child during his or her most malleable years to reinforce these capacities through the student-teacher relationship. Reflection enhances resilience, responsiveness and flexibility, not only in educators, but throughout whole organizations to support circumstances that foster a child’s optimal learning and growth.

Center for Reflective Communities (CRC) engages with the culture of an organization in order to create responsive systems-wide training tailored to the specific needs of staff, supervisors, administrators, as well as the children and families they serve. With the understanding that learning is most effective in the context of practice, CRC provides didactic and experiential training with an emphasis on practical knowledge. Within the flow of everyday school life, training supports educators and administrators to engage reflectively with the demands that surface in the classroom context. Building on existing capacities, this practice is shown to lead to greater staff efficacy and ultimately to better student outcomes.

Individual & Team Benefits:

  • •Sense of professional purpose and competency
  • •Greater commitment to school and school environment
  • •Increased professional support, decreased social isolation and “burn-out”
  • •Enhanced student learning arising from improved student-teacher relationships

Organizational Benefits:

  • •Increased staff retention
  • •More productive response to conflict
  • •Increased professional and social support
  • •Integrated relationship between policy, procedure and people
  • •Enhanced sense of school community, common purpose and shared responsibility
  • •More effective student interventions arising from shared expertise and perspectives


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