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Reflective Parenting Program is an innovative and experiential 12-week workshop designed to enhance critical parenting skills, most notably the capacity to make meaning out of a child’s behavior.   RPP utilizes a reflective learning process, in a group setting, to help parents address everyday challenges with their child.  A group consists of 6-10 parents with specific curriculums for children of all ages (early childhood, elementary school age, and adolescence), as well as a prenatal program for expectant parents. Each weekly workshop includes instruction, discussions, and exercises to help parents reflect on topics such as:

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  • Temperament
  • Attachment
  • Responding to Children’s Emotions
  • Separation and the Development of Independence
  • Play and Parental Involvement
  • Discipline
  • Emotional Life of the Parent

Specific topics are introduced in order to stimulate discussion and, most notably, reflection about the relevant issues in a family.  Workshops enable parents to discover new ways to think about the links between behavior, feelings, and actions, while learning new strategies and techniques designed to enhance their reflective functioning. Parents will begin to recognize how their capacity for reflection can serve as a powerful tool toward building stronger and more satisfying relationships, as well as to reduce emotional discord and maladaptive behavior in the child.


RPP TRAINING consists of two levels designed for licensed and pre-licensed mental health and early childhood specialists. Participants learn a new approach to early intervention with parents that emphasizes the central role of reflective functioning in creating strong parent-child bonds and secure attachment.

Level 1: Reflective Parenting Fundamentals is a two-day intensive training providing participants with a theoretical and experiential base of knowledge as well as clinical applications for working with the central issues in parent-child relationships. Level 1 Fundamentals is designed for clinicians who have an interest in learning about reflective functioning and its applications with parents and children in a variety of clinical settings. Level 1 trainings are held at Center for Reflective Communities’ location in West Los Angeles, unless you would like to bring a private level 1 to your agency. Manual provided.

 Level 2: Reflective Parenting Program Facilitation provides a practical curriculum-based training in the facilitation of RPP. Trainees co-lead a Reflective Parenting group with a professional certified in RPP. Level 2 training includes 12 weekly 1.5-hour consultation/supervision sessions in conjunction with running a 12-week Reflective Parenting Program using curriculum for parents of children 0-2 years (early childhood), 2-5 years (preschool) or 6-12 years (school-aged). Successful completion of Level 2, in combination with Level 1 training leads to certification as a Reflective Parenting Program leader. Certification permits clinicians to run Reflective Parenting Programs within one’s own agency or practice.

Level 1 is required for participation in this training.

 Level 3: Reflective Parenting Program Supervision Training enables agencies to provide in-house Level 2 trainings. Selected Level 2 graduates can train to become RPP Supervisors by supervising Facilitator-trainees within the agency while receiving concurrent supervision under a CRP Trainer.

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CONTACT US to bring a Level 1 Training to your site OR to arrange Long Distance Training in Level 2 for out-of-town trainees. 

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