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Why should parents aim to be reflective? The short answer is: Kids do better when parents are reflective. Our workshops aim to enhance parents’ capacity to be reflective so that they can find meaningful solutions to everyday concerns with their children.  By increasing reflective skills, parents feel greater confidence in their ability to deal with the stress and conflict that can arise in typical parent-child interactions such as: sleep issues in infancy, supporting independence, leaving for school, doing schoolwork, dealing with siblings, transitioning from one activity to another, and maintaining friendships.

Where can parents attend workshops?

CRC parenting group workshops in Reflective Parenting Program(RPP) and Mindful Parenting Groups (MPG)  are primarily held at community-based agencies. Schools and local community centers can also offer these workshops. Workshops in RPP and MPG will satisfy requirements for court ordered parenting classes.

Click here for a list of agencies who currently offer a variety of programs and parent groups.


Bring a Parenting Class to Your Community

CRC can provide a tailor-made parenting class to your school, community center, support group or other community setting.  Our programs offer:

  • An approach that helps make sense of children’s behavior. Our goal-focused parenting workshop introduce the building blocks of reflective thinking in a supportive and flexible manner.
  • Parenting skills and strategies for dealing with everyday struggles. Our programs teach parents specific capacities and tools that are relevant to their unique family situations.
  • Greater confidence and competence in the parenting role. Parents who are able to clarify the motivations behind their children’s behavior can manage their anger and deal with difficulties in a more compassionate way.
  • Better relationships with their children. When parents are reflective, they are better able to understand behavioral triggers and respond to or repair difficult situations with creative and workable approaches.
  • Parenting that is more satisfying and mutually gratifying. Parents who learn how to “turn down the heat” during a conflict or get curious in a moment of uncertainty feel greater satisfaction with themselves and their children.  This process builds resilience and strengthens parent-child relationships.

Contact us to bring parenting classes to your community.

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