Mission Statement

The Center for Reflective Communities (CRC) provides early intervention and parent training to enhance relationships between children and caregivers, leading to greater school readiness, increased academic achievement, and more productive lives.


Using an evidence-based, culturally responsive attachment approach, CRC strengthens the parent-child relationship which leads to socially competent children who have greater emotional health and are more likely to succeed in school and throughout their lives. Implementation of Reflective Programs in low income communities can ideally serve to end cycles of poverty and trauma.

CRC’s programs teach parents effective parenting skills designed to decrease parental hostility and aggression, and increase a parent’s ability to understand themselves and their child. This results in parents who are better able to soothe and calm their child’s distress and set age appropriate limits.

Research demonstrates that secure attachment is a key factor in determining school-readiness. Our Reflective approach is especially effective in communities with risk factors including poverty, a history of loss or trauma, and other barriers to healthy child development and school readiness. The Reflective model results in children who feel safe enough to concentrate on the business of their own development and learning, and thus, prosper in school. The ultimate outcome is that children do better in school, community, and relationships across their lifespan.