RP headshotRegina Pally, MD
Founder, C0-Director

Regina Pally is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a focus on parent-child relationships. She has been in practice for over 30 years, with a background in neuroscience. She is author of the book “Mind-Brain Relationship,” and co-author of “Clinical Perspectives on Reflective Parenting: Keeping the Child’s Mind in Mind.”

JG headshotJohn Grienenberger, PhD
Co-director, RPP Program Developer

Dr. Grienenberger is a clinical psychologist and attachment researcher who served as Clinical Director of PCH Treatment Center. He is also the former Director of the PCH Family Program and PCH Assessment Clinic. Dr. Grienenberger is the founder and program developer of the Reflective Parenting Program, a core component of the non-profit Center for Reflective Communities.  He has extensive experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy and mentalization-based individual and family work, and has trained hundreds of therapists in his mentalization-based model of treatment. Dr. Grienenberger recently created a Mentalization Based Treatment (MBT) track at PCH which serves emotionally dysregulated clients.
Dr. Grienenberger has authored numerous papers and presentations, and developed training programs in the areas of psychotherapy, attachment, mentalization, and parenting. He conducts trainings and presentations nationally and internationally. Most recently, he was awarded a major, multi-million dollar federal grant from NICHD to do a randomized control trial study of his mentalization-based intervention with at-risk families. He has a part-time private practice conducting psychological and psychoeducational testing as well as providing psychotherapy to children, adults, families, and couples.

DR heashot smile

Diane Reynolds, LMFT
MPG & RCP Program Developer

As Program Developer/Trainer for Mindful Parenting Groups and the Reflective Care Program, Ms. Reynolds has spent the last decade introducing parents and professionals to a mindful and reflective approach to caregiving.  Her work has primarily  focused on serving at-risk families in L.A. County who otherwise wouldn’t have access to these practices that can profoundly change relationships, family life, and ultimately, communities. Ms. Reynolds has received funding from private foundations as well as L.A. County Department of Mental Health, supporting ongoing facilitator training, education, and outcome data collection, particularly within child welfare and Early Head Start communities. A graduate of Antioch University with an MA in Clinical Psychology, Ms. Reynolds is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in infant-family/early childhood mental health and reflective parent education for over 20 years. Ms. Reynolds is the proud mother of a teenage son and daughter.

WD headshotWendy Denham, PhD
Senior Trainer

A Senior Trainer in both RPP & MPG, Dr. Denham is a clinical psychologist, and trainer/supervisor and researcher for both the RPP and MPG models.  She has spoken widely on reflective functioning and attachment theory, and has been published for her work on Mindful Parenting Groups. Dr. Denham has a private practice in Los Angeles with a specialty in family and child therapy.

BT headshotBronwyn Talbot, LMFT
RCP Program Developer, Senior Trainer

Ms. Talbot is a psychotherapist with a focus on parent-infant psychotherapy, child development and family relationships. In her role as Program Developer/Trainer at Center for Reflective Parenting, Bronwyn trains professionals and parents in the Reflective Parenting Program, designed to increase parents’ capacity to think about the meaning underlying their child’s and their own behavior. Additionally Bronwyn is the co-creator and trainer/supervisor for the Reflective Care Program, which trains unlicensed care staff working in mental health and childcare settings in the use of reflective practice as a means to deepen relationship and strengthen effectiveness in systems of care. Bronwyn has worked in community mental health for over ten years, most recently as a child and family psychotherapist for LA County, DMH/ TIES for Families, South Bay working with families involved with protective services. Bronwyn works with adults, children, infants and families to strengthen connection, and build resilience and healthy interdependence in relationship. She has an interdisciplinary approach, utilizing psychodynamic, trauma-focused, developmental, somatic and therapeutic art practices that focus on the lifelong significance of early relationships.

NL headshotNatalie Levine,LCSW
Community Advisor

Natalie Levine has a Master’s in Social Work degree from University of California, Berkeley, and has advanced training certificates in Child Development, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, and School-Based Mental Health Services.  She has recently retired from the Family Service of Santa Monica, where she served as Clinical Director for the past 15 years, as well as a variety of other positions.   Throughout her 40 year career, she has had a strong commitment to the development and provision of high quality mental health services to at risk families, including consultation to community preschool and child care settings.  Ms. Levine has also participated in the development, training, and supervision of the Reflective Parenting Program.

Kevin Gruenberg, PsyD
Home Visiting with Dads Developer, Trainer

Kevin, a licensed psychologist, and has developed and is researching the pilot Home Visiting with Dads.  In partnership with UCLA’s perinatal partial hospitalization program and Providence/St. Johns, this program explores ways to support fathers’ early engagement with their babies. Kevin also works in private practice as he sees children and families.  Lastly, his dissertation, entitled Mentalization in DIR/Floortime: Facilitating Reflective Functioning in Parents of Children with Developmental Challenges emphasized the importance of mentalization-based approach to parent work when treating families with children with Autism.

Melissa Jacobs, PhD
Community Advisor