“Like Open Heart Surgery” – Our Leadership Team shares their thoughts on separating from our kids

Regina Pally, CRC’s Founder and Co-Director, discusses an interesting article she found in the New York Times.

Lots of kids have difficulty separating. It can be very hard on parents, especially if they don’t understand just how normal it is for separation to be difficult. The human species is actually designed for separation to activate the pain system. It hurts at a physical level- with some hurting more than others. But it can even hurt for the most resilient of us. This article illustrates how cool and collected President Obama felt like he was having open heart surgery when separating from his daughter as she went off to college. Letting your child know it’s normal to feel upset about separating can be the first step in helping to reduce their pain. If you make a child feel badly about being upset, it can activate a shame cycle that actually exacerbates the pain. In fact ‘normalizing’ all negative emotions is a very useful tool when trying to comfort a child who is upset. The point is to help your child develop coping skills for their difficult and painful emotions. But the message should always be to accept the feelings as normal.

Read the article here: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/27/us/obama-malia-harvard.html?emc=edit_tnt_20170927&nlid=42842877&tntemail0=y

Mindful of Equity – A Review from our Leadership Team

Natalie Levine, a member of CRC’s Leadership Team, shares with our readers her thoughts on an important article on being mindful of equity…she says:

“I found this article in a magazine for educators called Teaching Tolerance, a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  It addresses some important concerns and steps to take when teaching mindfulness to classroom students.  Among these is the importance of helping teachers become aware of their own intentions, feelings, and biases about their students as well as the importance of trying to figure out what underlies difficult student behavior:  Why might this be happening?  Where is this behavior coming from?  I found it relevant to our program, because our  curricula for parents and for teachers uses mindfulness as a tool, is concerned about self awareness around biases, and is grounded in the importance of reflecting on intentions and meaning of underlying behavior.”

Read the article here: https://www.tolerance.org/magazine/fall-2017/mindful-of-equity 

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