Sow a child’s life with reflective parents & reap the benefits

A recent article in the American J. of Psychiatry provides yet another reason why investing early in helping parents be more reflective pays off in big dividends later on. (more…)

Exercise a child’s reflective muscle by having family conversation

One of the many important roles of a parent is to make sure you provide enough time in your child’s life 
for family conversation, solitude and boredom.

Celebrate Grandparents Day September 13 by being a Reflective Grandparent

Once a parent always a parent, even when your child becomes a parent.

Parents use your words! Why it matters what you say to your baby.

I recently attended the Joseph Sandler Conference on Parenting at the Yale Child Study Center. In my next several blogs I will share some of what I learned at the conference. (more…)

The spirit of Reflective Parenting

Donovan’s lyrics capture the spirit of Reflective Parenting: To have a strong relationship with your child use your mind to understand their mind.

For those of you who feel you need a little review of what Reflective Parenting is all about, I have boiled it down to it’s 6 main ingredients. (more…)

More sunscreen. Less screen-time.

There is much talk in the news how screen time before bed interferes with sleep. Adults are having sleep problems and so are kids. Parents are encouraged to keep the bedroom sacrosanct- meaning no electronics in the bedroom. That is a good idea. But it does not go far enough, because even during the day kids spend too much time on their computers, tablets and smart phones. (more…)

New Post: “Hold the feelings and hold the line” Empathy, Grit and Resilience

Reflective Parenting says maintain a balance between being empathic and sensitive to your child’s emotions on the one hand, while also setting limits or boundaries on the other hand. Balance is really important. (more…)

Blog:Stay Sensitive and Take Charge

What should I do to make sure my child turns out well?’ We finally have an answer (more…)

Blog: There are no short cuts!

I know we are all rushed and busy and tired from all the things we have on our plates. (more…)

Blog: Reflective Parenting: What? Why? How?

All parents want their child to be happy, healthy, get along with others, and do well in school. (more…)

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